CSystemCleaner not for XP?

I used Comodo System Cleaner 1.63928.28 in my XP Pro to my great satisfaction since came out.
Yesterday I decided to update to the new version 2,but running through Settings I found that this new version does not get very well motherboard and processor stating its a 1 Intel PentiumIII Xeon,when in reality it is an Intel Core2 Duo E8400.
Given the error I refrained from using it until further knowledge.
As I am using it here with XP perhaps it would have been better to stick with the previous non faulty version? Perhaps the new version is more geared towards Vista-Win 7 and consequently with XP the update is irrilevant?

CSC isn’t the only application which fails to recognize the Core2 family. As you can see in my signature, I have E8500, but it is also recognized by L33TSig as P3 Xeon - I manually edited it to E8500. (And I’m pretty sure that there are some other applications also.)
It’s quite strange becuase in the System Properties it is shown correctly, and I couldn’t found the word “Xeon” in the registry, so I don’t know where these applications are gathering this information from.

Nice to know CSC is not alone in that…,and the reasons for such a behaviour must be entirely dependent on the new version: the old one was seeing the processsor very well.

If no one in the know reassures me about it I will simply uninstall the new version and keep using the old one at least for as long as it has to work with XP.


There weren’t any major changes made between these versions that would suppose to change CSC’s behavior. Can you please provide us with two screenshots for the each of the version of CSC? We will immediately run analyses on this matter.

Thank you for your support.

I took a screenshot of Version 2 after lots of attempts finally with Paint,as it wouldn let MWSnap do its job,this is the first strange thing.Here you can see that it takes an E8400 for a P3,Xeon and then I installed again Version1 and it shows the right thing in the summary,but ,lo and behold,when i go to the Processor it incredibly makes the same mistake as Version2!!!(which it didnt previously):

[attachment deleted by admin]

May I just add that I uninstalled Version1 before installing Version2 and I did the same with the latter ,using TotalUninstall ,reboot,JV16 PowerTools Registry Clean ,another reboot,before re-installing a second time Version1…

Thank you. We will now run analyses and tests on this matter, in order to fix this for the next releases of CSC.