CSU x64 version 4.0.226743.26 hangs on "Loading"

I recently installed windows 8 and Comodo System Utilities hangs on “Loading” for all options in terms of scans. I have CCleaner, 7zip, java(jre7 u9) and Google Chrome Canary installed.
My computer is running a x64 build of windows 8. My computer is fully up to date.
Here is an example:

Update: I have tried to update CSU and it says “Invalid Index” after downloading the updates.

Hi ostar2,

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Please remember that CSU was released long before Windows 8 and so there will be compatibility problems.

Hopefully there will be another beta released soon :THNK - although I’m having problems just getting some Drivers and even Windows own settings to work properly 88) Oh well, it keeps the brain active ;D