CSU Feedback

I just wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback on my experience with CSU and to thank Comodo and all of the people who work on CSU at Comodo.

Here is a quick story about why I am so happy with CSU.

I went to a download.com and download a top rated and extremely popular system utility program and ran a registry cleaning. It messed up my system badly, but I thought, ok, no problem, this utility has a recovery option to undo what it did. I tried that and it failed to restore the registry. I figured, O well, I will just reinstall. Since I was going to do that I figured, what the heck, I will play around before I do and run CSU and see what happens. So I did and let CSU do it’s thing. To my surprise, CSU fixed things. The computer was fixed and a reinstall, so 3-5 hours of my time, saved.

So not only have I found CSU to be very safe (it has never messed up my computer after using it), but it actually fixed what a competitor’s product did to my computer.

Note: It is intentional that I left out the name of the competitor and the name of their product because it seems to me that it would be in poor taste to mention a competitor’s name on a company’s forms. Besides their is that whole thing about “There is no such thing as bad publicity” and I don’t want to give said competitor any publicity ;D

Hi and welcome gnainc,
Thank you for posting your positive experience with CSU and it is nice to see it helped. :slight_smile: