csssrv64.exe grabbing huge data amounts.

Windows 7 64 bit
CIS Premium 11 Version

A couple of days ago I suddenly had a huge jump in data usage. I am talking 16 Gb / day.

Using the Task Manager Resource Monitor I found that by far the biggest user was csssrv64.exe. This was even with Secure Shopping deactivated in Comodo.

I have uninstalled Secure Shopping and data usage has dropped from around 0.5 Gb/hour to under 100 Mb/ hour. I would expect even less on average: this was a 10-minute snapshot. Note: in fact is has 20 Mb over 22 mins, now. So 60 Mb per hour and dropping.

So I seem to have tamed data usage, but what could have caused this to start? With my data allowance this could have cost big $$; my allowance for my plan is about $2/Gb and “data packs” after that are $10/Gb.

Thanks for any help

OK. Nobody. I just will not use secure shopping

Apparently there was an update loop for CSS which resulted in that for some. It should now be fixed:

OK… Thanks for that.

At $10/Gb I think I will take a back seat for a while on Secure Shopping. :-\