CSS prevents shutdown

I have Comodo Secure Shopping installed on one PC as of a couple of days ago, no other Comodo products on it, and just Windows Defender operating as the main AV. Whenever I try to restart or shutdown the PC, I get a message indicating that there is an app or process preventing it from doing so and so the PC stays on permanently, all night in the first case. It does not indicate what app or process is doing so, but I’ve troubleshooted it down to CSS. When I close down CCS manually, then shutdown of the PC happens without problem. This happens even if CSS has not actually been used for any browsing activity. My guess is that maybe the self-protection mechanism is too simplistic and avoiding any kill instrution from the OS. The OS is Windows 10, latest publicly avaialble build with all updates installed.

No need reply guys, I also had some real sluggishness when using this product, it was not there in previous versions. Also noticed upon a repair install that there was a Hotjar re-direction which really puts me off using this is a security product. Anyway, life’s too short to be a Comodo beta tester whilst needing the tools for production use ;o) so I uninstalled the product and have moved on.
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