CSR for code signing


I have seen in the knowledge base that certificate signing requests for SSL certificates can be pasted in the enrollment form. Is it possible to use the same procedure for code signing certificates?

I would like to use a hardware token to hold the private key. I have tested the complete procedure from the generation of the keypair inside the token to the actual signing using signtool (the CSR is signed with a self signed test root) but it is not clear that I can connect this with the enrollment process at https://secure.instantssl.com/products/CodeSigningSignup1a.

If it is possible to submit a CSR generated with OpenSSL, are there any constraints we should be aware of?

Thank you



We don’t have an interface to accept a CSR for a Code Signing certificate.

I will pass this to our developers for their consideration.


Thank you for your answer,

I’ll check again later.