CSI 5 doubts - Please answer me

I have a few doubts about CSI5

  1. Does CSI 5 have the same huge initial definition updates as CSI4?

  2. Do I need to switch of the Windows Firewall in XP after I installed the Comodo Firewall. Is there any problem if I disabled it from the Services?

Hi Christarzan,

  1. Upon installing CIS 5 there is an initial large download to update the Definitions fully ( but then this is not unusual with any Anti Virus Software as it needs the most up-to-date information ) but I found that the download and instalation of the update was quicker and smoother than with previous versions :-TU The only draw back to any large updates is if you do not have a broadband connection.

  2. It is best practice to have windows own firewall switched off when CIS is installed, as there can be conflicts when running two software firewalls on the same O/S.

    I hope you would agree that these are ’ questions ’ rather than ’ doubts ’ as CIS 5 is a great product and I have recommend to all my family and friends :slight_smile:

    :comodo110: :comodosavedmylife:

Thanks for your answer

But most antivirus like Avast don’t need an initial updates of over 100MB

And I have still a question

Can i switch off firewall in the Services under Administrative Tools



Agreed, avast does have a smaller update download, but then if I remember it has a larger ’ Program Set-Up ’ Download as it has alot of the database already included.

Turning Windows own Firewall off in the services is O.K or just switching it off in the Control Panel gets the same result.

:comodo110: :comodosavedmylife:

This is not true

The size is similar to Comodo


:'( Just had a look and yup, I remembered wrong  (:AGY)

IMHO the 100mb update download would only cause concern if on a slow network connection, but apart from that I beleive it is a great product and hope that would not deter you, or anybody else from at least giving it a try :-TU :slight_smile:

:comodo110: :comodosavedmylife:

I’d leave Windows Firewall enabled until after CIS is fully installed. That way you’re protected while you’re installing. There are no compatibility issues if you do this, just disable it afterwards.

My thoughts about Database file size is maybe some avs use different format or compression for the db file and use what is most suitable for thier product without causing slowdowns. I would prefer a little bit larger file but with faster access. Just my thoughts. I personally have switched off the firewall in services and have no problems. I have 16 services at startup. Hope my thoughts help. Kind regards

The databases for 4.1 and 5 are different. They have separate download addresses as can be in Where can i download the latest full AV database?l.

With v5 information about removal got added.