CSE - Wrong Environment Error

Vista 32 bit - UAC enabled.

Screenshots of error and settings attached.

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Eric - you should use something like “paint” to scrub out your email address to save on spam. But good post.

Thanks, forgot to do that… Amended now… :smiley:

Dev’s going to try and reproduce the issue on his/her machine next week. See what they come up with. Could be down to the fact that I have 3 different outlook Profiles each pertaining to their own email address and the certificate i have only relates to 1 email address in particular.


Additional Screenshots. Outlook main window and compose window with CSE Outlook Mode installed.


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Hi, Eric.

Could you please enable logging in CSE ?
To enable it just run *.reg file attached into *.zip archive here, reboot is required .

Firstly, you should reproduce the issue you have with CSE in plug-in mode installed.
Secondly, just attach all the logs (better in archive file ) into your next forum’s post :slight_smile:

Logs are located at %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\SecureEmail\Logs folder


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Logs Attached.

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Solution found!

Disable Microsoft Word as your default email editor! Jeez, that simple! Here’s how.

Click on Tools from the top menu, click on Options. Click on Mail Format Tab and on that window “UNTICKUse Microsoft word to edit email messages

And click OK and that’s it!