CSE with per-account settings?

I am using several email accounts with my client Thunderbird 3.05, but not all of them needs encryption/signing. Is it possible to configure CSE to work with per-account settings?

EDIT: Sorry, i forgot. I also need to know what “SSL accounts with turned on SPA (LSP mode only)” means. I have several SSL enabled accounts, will they work?

I´ve installed it now, but i find the setup procedure extremely confusing. Consulting the help shows processes during install that never shows up here. I´m on Windows 7 x64 by the way, mail client is Thunderbird 3.05.

SecureEmail will automatically import your port settings from previously configured mail accounts in Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird, according to help file. That never occurs.

A Client Settings Wizard is mentioned and described in the help, never seen that one neither. CSE seems to not pick up my Thunderbird installation for some reason.

Also, when trying to manually add new ports to the different mail protocols the configuration wont allow me to add different server names using the same port. If i configure port 995 with SSL and SMTP server 123.mailbox.com and after that would like to configure port 995 with SSL and SMTP server 456.mailbaox.com, its not possible.

Confusing, tp say the least…