CSE VersionVerifier Invocation

On several occasions I have seen CSE VersionVerifier invoked when a Comodo BoClean update is manually requested. Now I have seen the same with HostsMan Hosts file update check. Any ideas on this?

Hi valldemossa,

This is CSE checking to see if a new version is availabe. I’ll look into exactly why it’s being launched under these situations.

k rgrds,

Hi Shane,

Just to add a little more information, I see it checking at Windows Start-up but if I leave my system “idle” I hear the occasional “Plop” indicating SE is checking home. I am not sure whether this is carrying out its normal check or whether it is invoked when another piece of software checks home eg Avast and Spyware Terminator, although I must say that I have not seen SE checking when I carry out a manual check of either of those two. I don’t usually leave Thunderbird running so I don’t think it is that.
How often does SE check home anyway? I would have thought that the user should have the option to control the process or is it checking for more than just program update?

Regards, V