CSE protocol settings [CLOSED]

When you go into protocol settings and click properties you will see POP or IMAP or SMTP then CSE shows you the ports it it watching for but why is the ports different from your email incoming and outgoing sever ports?

Hi patrice58,

That is standard for e-mail. Typically POP e-mails generally come in on port 110 and SMTP normally goes out on port 25.

Take a look at this link for further information on a list of generally accepted ports that are used on the internet:


Hope that helps!

I use IMAP so that does not apply to me. The ports that CSE covers these ports on IMAP, the IMAP default is port 143 and my default port that was added by CSE is 993 but my email settings are Incoming Mail Server requires SSL = 993 and Outgoing Mail (SMTP) requires SSL = Port: 465 . So I don’t know if the settings on CSE needs to be changed a little bit or what.