CSE not displaying correctly

The attached pic shows what I am seeing today. I haven’t checked this program for a while, but last time it definitely did not look like this. What happened to my color, buttons, information windows, everything?

Also, note the program is not recording any emails I send out (encrypted or otherwise).

Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP2,
CIS 3.9 (only),
Outlook 2007 email client (note CSE v2.0.0.10 is the x32 version as Outlook does not come in a x64 flavour)

Should I simply re-install? or is there something else in play here?

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We’re looking into this issue now and will respond to you soon.
Looks like some CSE skins files are missing.

Can you send a screenshot of your CSE Skins folder (Ex.: C:\Program Files\Comodo\SecureEmail\Skin)?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Eugene.

I checked the Skin folder and it was empty. I did find, though, a Skin(8) folder with all the sins files. Moving these to the Skin folder resolved the display issue. Question, could installing SP2 for Vista x64 have caused this?

But it still won’t record any outgoing emails.

Hi John Buchanan.

Can you, please, tell me at what location have you find Skins folder?
We’ll check to install SP2 for Vista to reproduce this issue.
Have you run any software that is removing unused files?
Can you try to use new feature “Clear Statistics” - it will remove all statistics files (probably you have corrupted statistics)? :slight_smile:
Or you can check statistics folder: (Ex.: C:\Documents and Settings%USER%\Application Data\Comodo\SecureEmail\Statistics) and delete all files there.

Regards, Eugene.

CSE never recorded outgoing since it was installed (clean installed twice).
The Skin folder and the Skin(8) folder were both found under Comodo/SecureEmail.
I ran Revo to remove some applications (not Comodo) not currently being used, both prior to the SP2 install and after.
As for the Statistics files, I just tried out 2.3 Alpha II today (as an upgrade, not clean install). It installed correctly, integrated seamlessly into Outlook 2007, and is recording the outgoing emails properly (note, it picked up the Incoming count as what it was previously showing, Outgoing started at 1, but it did record it). Ran the test a second time and my outgoing count is now showing as 2.
Encrypted and Signed statistics now look like they are displaying correctly also.