CSE Certificates not recognized. New Format? [RESOLVED]

My old certificates expired, so I picked up a couple of new certificates and installed
them but I noticed right away they were quite different from previous years …

See attached image. The new certificates don’t even have my name but are labeled
with “'s COMODO CA Limited ID” Now when I try to send a “signed message” with my
e-Mail I get a notice that the e-Mail program Can Not Find a Valid Certificate.

Is this new format for real or is something messed up and how can I fix it please.
This happens in Thunderbird e-Mail or PostBox which is a spin off paid version of
Thunderbird. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I managed to fix this myself. After revoking the certificates that were giving me issues, I went to get new certificates using IE. They still had that cryptic name system but after additional work, I discovered that after importing them into Thunderbird, I still had to (and had forgotten I guess) go into Accounts and then under security, point Thunderbird (and PostBox which I also use) to the NEW certificates … it was still pointing itself to the old expired certificates. Problem solved.

So likely the first certificates I got would also have worked had I thought to enter ACCOUNT settings and point to them.

Thanks Comodo for this certificate service.