CSE and Windows Update Problem


Have successfully used CSE with Thunderbird 2, but find problems using Windows Update when CSE is installed. When using Custom or Express within Windows Update, the window does not return from its search if no updates are available. Uninstall CSE and Windows Update is ok.
This happens on both and Beta Versions of CSE.

As suggested in your release notes, there are serious performance issues with Avast Mail Server. Will these be rectified in the next release?

Also, the use of the Secure Server to read mail where no certificate exists on the addressee’s system is somewhat cumbersome. Not sure I would bother reading the mail if I were the addressee.

Windows XP Professional SP2 (32 Bit)
Avast Home Edition
One Gig RAM, 3.4 GHz Processor

Regards, V

Update to above…

Have just reinstalled CSE and the performance issue with Thunderbird 2 and Avast! appears to be resolved.
Differences between now and previous testing, some days ago:-
Thunderbird (not
CFP 3.0.13 (not 3.0.10 or 3.0.11)

Microsoft Update still has the same issue.

Hi valldemossa,

Thank you for you feedback. (:CLP)

This has been confirmed as a bug. It’s been passed to the development team and expect a version with this fixed very soon.

Kind Regards,

Shane. (:NRD)