CSE and related issues

Hello at Comodo Forum,

I am new to the community, but a long time fan of Comodo’s idea and company philosophy.

Anyway, I love your fairly new product CSE.
Finally someone goes the way it would have been supposed to in regards to Internet security; but … Comodos … why do you publish products, which are anything else than worthy to be promoted to the “standard user”?
I understand very much that products have to be tested, but then you also mark them as such.

CSE, for example is published by you as a “Install and forget product” … does this mean install and forget your PC? I cannot imagine.

I am a pretty advanced user and still had my problems with this product …
Just as an example, I have installed on my email client (Thunderbird latest edition) 5 main accounts and at least 5 forwarding accounts.

You nowhere mention that you have to have digital certificates for all email accounts installed on your email client in order to make it work. I discovered this in a very painful, time consuming way.
Also, you do not mention that you cannot install an email certificate for forwarding accounts as CSE does not realize that these forwarding accounts possibly also might be a real email address or at least an alias.

CSE also does not work when you have an email ticker installed, a tiny widget that just informs you at the desktop how many mails are waiting for you to be read.

When you send an email with a temporary certificate, it offers the recipient either to view and read the email received by your secure web reader that you have to forward the enrcypted email received to, but the forwarding email account provided obviously is not correct or even worse, may not exist.
The other choice the recipient is provided by Comodo in this case is, to install CSE too, also here the URL provided is incorrect.
So … the recipient of an email encrypted with a temporary email certificate cannot read the email received, and, of course, becomes suspicious about the origin of this email.

Next problem with CSE: Up to now none of your pop-ups work. CSE very much supports the way to send a message unencrypted and unsigned, but the pop-up inquiry (yes or no) does not pop up, it just shows the task bar button, but cannot be lifted to be clicked on the “Yes” or “No” button. So you have to save the message you intended to send (possibly) via an alias in drafts, because you even cannot close this button, and restart your computer in order to be able to send this message via a digital signed email address.

Once again, I love your idea Comodos, I use CSE and spread the word for you, as I am working in the field of computer assistance and “standard user” development. But won’t you think, that your products would spread faster, and your image would grow faster, if these products would not create more problems at the start than they are doing now?

Have a wonderful day, everyone, and lets try to get CSE perfect for the standard user.

G’day and welcome to the forums.

While every single point you have raised has definite merit within the circumstances you’ve described, your assertion that the “standard user” is one who would have 5 email accounts and 5 forwarding accounts may not be totally accurate. I would have thought that a standard user was one who had a single email account, which would render your points irrelevant to that “standard user”.

Your points about the inability to save to draft and the email ticker need to be investigated, regardless of the circumstances.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Ewen,

You are right regarding quantity of email accounts and “standard user” … sorry for my mistake. It was already pretty late on my side of this planet, when I wrote this post.

Have a good day.


Hi, Georg

Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) Team really appreciates feedback from users of CSE!
We reviewed issues you found and working on fixing these issues.

But for clear understanding your issues we need some additional info:

Can you describe, please, “Forwarding account”? What do You mean - just web account like Yahoo.Mail (or any other) that is forwarding e-mails to other e-mail addresses?
And what errors have you received while trying to install cert with CSE for forwarding accounts

Can you tell please - what e-mail ticker software you have installed and what actual problems CSE had with it?

Actually, we really had CSE Web-Reader server access problems last week. So, it was really hard for users to read such e-mails via Web-Reader. Now all problems were resolved.
But what about URL for download CSE? It navigates user to CSE official web-site where he can download proper CSE for OS user has installed.

This issue is hard to reproduce. Can you give any additional info about it, please?

  1. Your E-Mail client (Thunderbird according to the beginning of your post)
  2. Are you sending message both unencrypted and unsigned and 2 Messages are occured?
    Or this is the only Unsigned or Unencrypted?
    Note: You can turn off option “Block unencrypted e-mail from leaving the system” in Groups Policies for quick temporary fix of this problem.
  3. Can you describe what options are set on your PC or which security mode is selected?
  4. What you click on the taskbar button of Pop-up - does pop-up pop to the front?

Thanks, We are working hardly to get CSE better for users and more simple for use.

Regards, Eugene

Ohhhhhhhh, how much do I love these forums … Once you are done with your reply and you want to post it, you’ll find out that you have been disconnected already, and you have to sign in and start all over replying again … (:AGY)

Hello Eugene,

I hope I will make it now in time to reply in order not be be disconnected again before I will have succeeded posting my reply.

Since I have posted issues discovered here, I have continued “playing” with CSE and solved nearly every issue.

To your questions:

1. Forwarding account: I mean an ordinary “forwarder”, like they are offered in each C-Panel. This is not an email account to be forwarded to another, it just is a different identity, which is forwarded to a real email account.
I resolved this issue by creating a real email account for the forwarder address and linked it to be forwarded to another email address (example: admin@… > info@…).

2. Email ticker:
I used DIGSBY’s mail ticking feature, since I have removed it CSE works. Whernever I tried to retrieve emails Thunderbird froze and I had to restart my PC.

3.a. Web reader: This issue lasted a little more than just for last week. I contacted you, Eugene, first time November 28th, this was the time I discovered it was not working. I will try this feature again and report.

3.b. Corrupt download link: This was just reported to me by my brother, who received one of my test emails that were encrypted by a temporary certificate. He received this typical CSE email notification with the original email in the attachment to be forwarded to your web reader email account or to click the link provided to download and install CSE. He constantly received an error message like “This website cannot be displayed at the moment” or so. I will ask him to send a screenshot.

4. Pop-ups: It showed up only as long I did not have certificates for all my email accounts. When I wanted to send an email, sender’s address without certificate (because this particular email address did not have a certificate) a pop-up showed up, which just was seen at the task bar, but did not pop up, it “popped behind”, but basically asked me if I anyway wanted to send this message without a certificate.

Generally … I use Thunderbird, constantly updated to latest version, security settings: Internet MEDIUM-HIGH, local Intra-net MEDIUM-LOW, trusted sites MEDIUM, privacy MEDIUM. Never had any problem with these settings before.
I send messages generally signed, but encrypted if a partner certificate exists, only.

There’s a huge lack of information in the installation and configuration manual:

  1. It’s nowhere mentioned that you have to have certificates for all your email accounts installed.
  2. It’s nowhere mentioned that you cannot use a certificate, that you originally received for an email address used as a forwarder, for an ordinary email account.
  3. There are quite a few “standard users” out there, who use more than one email account with their email client. These customers would strangle themselves with setting up CSE and would start talking bad about an originally good product that is not presented in a “dummy-proof” way.

Hope this will help you to eliminate these issues and to make this product to what is actaully was already prepared for: a best seller.

Thank you, have a good day.
Georg Fritscher