CSE Across multiple machines

New to emal certificates. I see that there is a wizard involved but would also like to see instructions. Where can the documentation be found on the site. I have three laptops with MS Outlook installed… identical mailboxes configured on each machine. Will the same CSE download work on all machines? Much thanks for any guidance


The document is available from the below links,



Let me know if you need more information.

Hi mnewsome,

I think the advice given by prabhakaran although is very partly very useful it it is referring only to Comodo Free E-mail Certificates.

The Comodo SecureEmail software uses Comodo Free E-mail Certificates, similar to other S/MIME compliant software.

The product has a comprehensive helps system which is installed on your PC when you install Comodo SecureEmail and can be viewed via the Start Menu item under the Comodo\SecureEmail program group and then “SecureEmail Help”.

mnewsome : “I see that there is a wizard involved but would also like to see instructions.”

The helps system has full instructions about using the Wizard. See the following section “Apply for Your Free Comodo Email Certificate”, or you may wish to see the FAQ https://forums.comodo.com/cse_beta_corner/comodo_secureemail_beta_minifaq-t10018.0.html

You can use Comodo SecureEmail across multiple PCs. To do so you’ll have to export and backup your e-mail certificate (and you may also want to transfer contacts’ certificates you wish to use) and install it on each PC, along with the SecureEmail software.

Backing up a certificate:
To backup your e-mail certificate and private key, Click on the Certificates tab in the SecureEmail software and then properties on your e-mail certificate you want to back up in the list. Next, click on the details tab and then the “Copy to File…” button and follow the wizard. You will need to include your private key for your e-mail certificate.

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