cse with outlook 2010 64 bit

Hi Folks,

i have installed outlook 2010 and cse on a 64 bit win7 ultimate machine but i can’t see the comodo add-ins in outlook, any idea?
my cert is installed (under my personal certs) and i can see it in cse also, i can sign a message with my cert in outlook also.
any idea? what am i doing wrong? do i need something else to get these progs work together?
i also have a win7 professional laptop with cse but it’s x86 and outlook works fine with cse.


You can sign your emails with your cert, but CSE does not work with Outlook 2010 (yet).
Keep in mind Office 2010 is just out of Beta and RC copies can be found on torrent sites.

Actually, Office 2010 went RTM (Release to Manufacturing) on 15 April (aka it is stable). Corporate customers have had Office and Sharepoint since about that time. There was an event in NYC this week for the official unveiling of the product. :stuck_out_tongue: (It was all over the news here.)

Consider CSE support for Outlook 2010 to be very limited at this time. (not guaranteed to work!) Give CSE a couple of months. Retail customers should not see Office 2010 until June anyway.

hi all,

thanks for the information but the x86 version works fine with outlook 2010 and the x64 doesn’t. i tought that you could give me some advice to fix it. i’m preparing a company’s migration (Q3 this year) that’s why i have the 2010 version (it’s not from a torrent site), it’s a legal build.
anyway thanks for the infos guys, i’ll check out the forum regularly for new information including this topic also.


p.s.:i’m satisfied with Comodo products, so keep up the good work


How do you define Q3? July - Sept? April - June? If April-June, you might want to hold that migration off until mid to late Q4.

Hi Sal,

of course july-sept, but it’s just the plan.


Well then you do have SOME time, but not a lot.

Please reply to this thread with the information found in this thread so that we may move your issue from the Help Section to the Bugs section. As it would seem this would class as a bug if you have the EXACT settings on both machines.

Has anyone figured out how to use the free email certificate in Outlook 2010? When I try to install it it keeps going to the MS page to acquire a certificate from them.

I am also seeking any assistance on this product working with Outlook 2010 x64. If anyone has suggestions to make this functional, I would appreciate it.

I am using CSE on Outlook 2010 running the 32 bit version on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine. Is that your setup? If so I can tell you mine is working and will share the installation steps if you need them.