CSC will not install

Trying to run CSC install (CSC_Setup_2.2.335611.5_xp_vista_server2003_win7.exe) but it will not install on my Win 7 64 bit. First screen that pops up (after the are you sure you really want to run this program) is the attached screen shot, then dies.
If I invoke the install program with the /? parameter, I get that screen first, after OK then it will give me the help screen, before ending.

I’m not sure why it is pointing to a temp file.
Odd thing, I delete the temp file, empty recycle bin, appears gone, but i run the install and the file appears BACK in the temp folder.
I tried just renaming the file, and it appears back in the temp folder, and the renamed file is also there.

Anyway I can not get the install program to run.

[attachment deleted by admin]