CSC reviewed by Softpedia

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Pretty average review to be honest…

More bad news comes along the way when trying to schedule a task as in a multi-user environment the application will prompt for an account password. If the current account is not protected by a password then the scheduling will fail.

Hmm…I wonder, is it a bug, or such a strange feature?

I must say, I’d be very surprised if that’s a feature. I guess it’s just another bug for the list (:SAD)

There are plenty of other bugs that are listed though. I’m sure not all of them have been reported yet…

If Melih or Andrei or whoever got in touch with the guy who wrote the review to get some extra details about the bugs, it could solve a lot of problems (:WIN)

Hints don’t get that much more blunt than that (:LGH)


Actually this is not a bug. CSC uses Windows Task Scheduler… the window you see is just an interface between application and WTS. We don’t know the reason yet, but the WTS API doesn’t accept empty password.

Ok fair enough, thanks for clarifying.

Btw, I didn’t mean to cause offense, I realise that my previous post may have come across as slightly insulting, but it was not meant in this manner. I have the highest respect for your work :slight_smile: :comodorocks: