CSC or CSU ??

Hello fellow Comodo users and Comodo team :slight_smile:

i just looked on the comodo page for the most recent changes and found a little confusing fact there.

I am using Comodo System Cleaner since a good while, now i just noticed “a new kid on the block” ? ???

There is now a download for “Comodo System Utilities”…

the only difference that i was able to see is the different name part… (Utilities instead of Cleaner),
and a different logo in the top left corner… the version number (3.0.172695.53) on the downloaded file is exactly the same as in the “Cleaner” that i have installed on my PC.

Can someone tell us, if these are the only differences ? Shall i stick to my version or should i re install the “newer / other named” version ?

Also i found that a seperate website for the CSU exists ( ), on which you can read a sales price for the “Pro” version. You can read there also “Trial version has all advanced features enabled with certain restrictions” …

It would be really nice if someone can clarify the difference between CSC and CSU, and what the “…certain restrictions” are.

or is it just as with the other tools, meaning… commercial users require to pay the license and also get geekbuddy support for paying… besides that versions are same ?

BUT ! …this little inconsistency in versions and names is the only “flaw” ( 88) ) i can see here… besides there i just “have to” say…

I LOVE COMODO !! I LOVE Melih’s philosophy !! You guys are on the right way. May Comodo live long and prosper :-TU


The name is going to be changed to Comodo System Utilities.

There is a download for the free version at the lower half of the page. See attached image and look for the selection in the red square.

I think you pushed the download/buy button at the top and then you were taken to another page where you would find what you described. Personally I am not too fond of pages structured like this. But that being said it is a minor inconvenience for a product that is free.