csc not remove IE9 temp int files on reinstall win7 64bit crashes blue screen

dear sir, madam,

thanks for reading this email.

i have a problem with comodo-system cleaner on windows 7 64 bit, windows IE 9.

i followed this installation procedure when installing for the first time:-

  1. i downloaded from the website.

  2. i then selected run when right clicking the downloaded .exe. however, didnt “run as administrator”. the system cleaner seemed to install normally.

  3. on opening sytem cleaner it seemed to run normally. however after doing a privacy clean, in internet options/general tab/settings/view files i noticed that the system cleaner wasnt deleting website files. clearly system cleaner wasnt working properly.

4.) i then decided to uninstall comodo system cleaner

5.) i then thought all this may have been caused by “not running as administrator” when clicking on the downloaded .exe.

6.) i restarted p.c. and reintalled using “run as administrator”.

7.) during new installation process the p.c. crashed with blue screen and did memory dump. p.c. restarted o.k. after.

i have tryed to reinstall again after removing but, again with just run not “run as administrator” but, p.c. just crashes with blue screen again. i havent tryed to install comodo system cleaner again.

Can you please advise me what i can now do to ensure a properly working installation of comodo system cleaner on my p.c.

regards kevin.


In order to assist you in solving your problem we need to have more details regarding the circumstances surrounding your scenario and error occurrence. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Security Software Installed (antivirus/firewall/antimalware etc);
  • A list of installed programs or a printscreen of “Programs and Features” from Control Panel
  • Any other relevant additional information

Thank you for your support.

dear adrian,

thanks for your reply,

i don,t actually have printscreens of programs form the time of the reinstall when win7 64 kept crashing during the reinstallation of CSC.

also i have installed other programs since these crashes occured.

what i can tell you is that i have a standard internet security suite in operation left at default settings. the firewall rule for csc says ask me for csc to access internet but, not really very special there. Also i have microsoft windows defender although this may have been turned off at the time. there is very little on the win7 64, its a new o.s. with no other cleaners present etc.

if this is insufficient information please say but, again i reiterate the win 7 64bit has only had basic things like adobe flash & reader downloaded & installed. theres microsoft office trial & there was out of date skype on it at the time. indeed the only major item downloaded & installed on it from internet is CSC itself.

as i said on first installing i just did run on the downloaded .exe. However, when reinstalling i clicked on the original downloaded .exe again but, this time i right clicked and “ran as adminitrator”. could that have caused the problem.