CSC locked folder


I had older version of Comodo System Cleaner and there used to be function where you were able to “lock” certain folders for others not see.

I removed my old CSC, installed new 2.something version. And you guessed it, I cannot find anywhere how to unlock my locked folder.

So I went in panic, installed back older version but it seems I really had much older version as on this 1.1 69496. 38 I simply cannot find unlock thing either.

What can I do to open my locked folder again.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my not-so-great english.


Unlocker 1.8.7:



The solution to unlock your folder is a software like Total Commander or FreeCommander or any program in this category. Basically, you have to edit the locked folder and erase the GUI string leaving only the original name. This will solve the problem.

Thank you for your support.

Could you explain “erase the GUI string leaving only the original name” in more detail? I downloaded Free Commander but I don’t know how to do so.

What I meant to say was that an extension was added to the the locked folder; in technical terms, that extensions is referred to as a GUI string.
For example, a folder has the name TEST(as seen from Windows Explorer); but when viewing the same folder from one of the software mentioned before you can see that actually it has an extension, so the folder looks something like TEST.{2ADAFGSDD35930HR2F5}

All you have to do to unlock the folder is deleting the extension(the underlined part) TEST.{2ADAFGSDD35930HR2F5}

Thank you for your support.

Thank you very much. Free Commander worked just fine :wink: