CSC destroyed my Windows Server 2003 R2 VM. Disk errors

Oh my God I wish I took a snapshot of the server before installing this thing! All hell broke loose after installing this software and now I’m totally out of luck.

It all started with CSC when it said it’s compatible with Windows Server 2003. I noticed some DLLs being installed during the installation, kind of like it was installing a driver or system files as well. After that, i get disk errors all the time.

I went to uninstall CSC but it crashed out with a memory error. I also get cleaner_validator.exe errors when booting up. I reinstalled CSC, and uninstalled it. I got the memory error again but I took a screenshot. However, this time after uninstalling it, it actually got rid of hte icons and i don’t see tracers of it around like i did before. I hope it’s a step in the right direction.

I have the DMP files, what else can I give you guys? I need this resolved ASAP. My client is having major productivity loss due to this.


We are sorry for you problems with System-Cleaner.
Please post here the dumps and the screenshots you took, so we can try to reproduce the bug and solve it.