CSC conflicting with CCleaner.

Well, i installed CSC. I’ve been using ccleaner for years. When CSC is installed, ccleaner’s run cleaner takes 10 seconds more to clean, uninstall CSC, ccleaner’s cleansing time is half a second to one second as usual for me.

CSC is a Fantastic program, I like it a lot. I’ve uninstalled CSC for the time being. Just reporting this problem if it is not reported already. If it gets fixed i will use it again for sure.

Hello; Is the problem still there after disabling Comodo system cleaner service?

I did a quick install of CSC, I’ve tried disabling that service, problem still stuck. It’s as if CSC slows down ccleaners cleaning process time some how, service enabled or not.

Were you able to replicate this? Or anyone? I am running off a very fast SSD so you might not notice a difference if you are on a Hard Drive or maybe I don’t know, but I can assure you that I notice a big decrease in ccleaners speediness with CSC installed.