CSC 3 Bld 53 and Windows Experience Index - WEI Failure To Comnplete

I recall previously posting on a possible connection between the failure of Win7 WEI to complete at disk performance assessment and the installation of a Comodo product: a search failed to find the post - so forgive me for starting new thread. However, I have now determined that installation of CSC is likely to be the cause of WEI assessment failing to complete.

Finding need to restore my laptop to an earlier set-up (which happened to exclude CSC), I ran a few system tests to see if the restore was “good”: this included a WEI assessment as new hardware was detected: WEI run = OK. Having recall of the previous WEI issue, I used the opportunity to test for links to the issue: I allowed Windows updates 1st, but WEI ran successfully afterwards. Re-install of CSC was my next action: WEI then failed to complete at the disk assessment stage, so good pointer that CSC is somehow to blame for messing up basic Windows processes I believe.

Web searches on similar WEI failure at disk assessment stage suggest this is quite common problem so I guess CSC is not the only software culprit, but it’s CSC that seems to be the culprit on my system - any thoughts please?

(Web searches suggest that a failure of WEI assessment to complete does not indicate system performance is prejudiced, but I never the less do not like corruption of basic Windows processes.)

Could you please either export/screenshot the windows system and windows application events for further analysis


Hi Jake, Event logs attached as requested including MS WSAT log. Before logging, I started afresh by restoring my C partition from a BU which excluded CSC. The log covers a WEI run without CSC installed, followed by CSC install and WEI re-run. Thanks for taking a look.

(My laptop system setup is shown in my signature block below)

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