CSC 3.0 No Autoruns Manager

How come CSC 3.0 does not have Autoruns Manager to monitor startup programs?

yeah i used that quiet alot


 In CSC 3.0 we decided that we should focus more on the cleaning functions of the product, and make this as better as we can. Autoruns Manager is not really a cleaning function so we decided to remove it from this version.

But the Autorun Manager actually “cleans” up my startup program list and it allows me to see which startup program I need and don’t need. I don’t want to use msconfig.exe because it requires a reboot and it’s not guaranteed that it will actually stop the program from running at startup. I also don’t want to use Spybot-S&D because, in my opinion, the CSC grants the user more flexibility in cleaning up the system. Is it possible that the Autorun Manager will come back in later updates?


We will consider this.

TBH, an autorun manager is a good thing, but wouldn’t this be better suited for Comodo Programs Manager since it’s dealing with programs more than cleaning? You could always share the code you had for the autoruns part of CSC with the CPM crew and see what they can do with that?

Just my two cents.

Way to go. Now I have to install CCleaner. Since it has both cleaning and autoruns functionality (not to mention that it hasn’t arbitrary background processes and schedules) why would one stick to CSC?