CSC 3.0 - feedback


 Now that we've updated CSC 3.0, we'll start working on 3.1. But, before that, we really your feedback about 3.0 version. We've made some big changes into this version : GUI, user experience, new ways to clean (Active Clean ). Our intention was to make CSC easier to use. So, have we succeded?

Please tell us what you like / don’t like about this version? We will use your feedback when we’ll build CSC 3.1.

PS: Because so many users asked for it, Autoruns Manager is coming back into 3.1.

CSC needs a repair service in the uninstaller so that is something happens to the drivers or something I am not forced to uninstall and reinstall.

FYI…under Privacy Cleaner → Internet Explorer → Favorites (which is left un-checked, which is a good thing)…you will notice that CSC is telling me I have 84,949 “errors” see attachs
which include everything from bootmgr to COMODO internet security to the entire Windows folder.
That’s just an accident waiting to happen.
Someone, somewhere, is going to be “cleaning house” and tick favorites…with disastrous results.

Am I being too alarmist?

[attachment deleted by admin]

in mine none of that is listed there. :o how did you install the new one. Clean install or over the old version?

It’s a clean install…back on 11/25…version 3.0.167886.37

that is not the newest one please uninstall and install the new version.


    That was a bug that reproduced on some systems. This bug, along with others has been fixed in the build 53.


CSC has an auto-repair function, if it detects that something is wrong, but it doesn't apply for driver now. We'll consider this in a future update.

I think the Active Clean feature is brilliant.

A couple little things I have noticed though. I would prefer the “view recent activity list” to have the index the other way round so you have the most recently deleted items at the top. Also maybe have some pre set filters so you can view files cleaned by date or profile. etc.

Also if you have active clean enabled the top box on the home page where is says “Your computer Is” should surely stay on clean. Because Active clean is actively keeping your computer clean. I assume it currently just counts the time from when your last clicked the clean button, rather than checking if there is any checked items in your default profiles. Correct me if I am wrong but the point still stands.

I would love for CSC to have an option to securely clean the files from your computer, so you don’t have to periodically run the free space wiper.

The final request would be to have a check box on the little adverts that flash up for Comodo Programs Manager etc saying something like “Dont Ask Me Again” Or “I am already using Comodo Programs Manager”. Which would then obvious stop them from showing from then on.

Otherwise congratulations on the great program, you have finally made me stop using CCleaner. keep up the good work.


Hurray!!! :slight_smile:

thanks Shaun!



I’m having a few issues with CSC 3.0 (both at home and work). I have had to remove from work computer due to OS reporting not enough memory was available (Windows 7, 2GB ram) and was stopping me from working :(. Computer is fine after reboot but re-occurs later on (possible memory leak). Haven’t got enough details to post an error report yet but will do from home computer (similar problem).

Like the different scan profiles but feel all the applications should be listed under 1 window (rather than 3). List the profiles as columns showing errors within each column and then allow you to select which profile to choose (via radio button) and then select the “Clean” button.


Just an update on CSC v3.

Everything is working as advertised.
I love ‘Active Clean’
The only thing I use CCleaner for is to thin out my System Restore points.

Nice work you guys.
:-TU :-TU :-TU

As this was not my pc, but one I helped remotely with, the info I can provide is limited (no crash dump info, just info she conveyed when discussing it with me). CSC was causing a BSOD on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit system whenever another LAN user attempted (remotely from an XP Pro 32 machine) to rename a folder on the host’s shared drive (that has full permissions). Copying new files to and from it exhibited no odd behavior.

The BSOD reported cfmrd.sys as the culprit (three consecutive BSODs with the same result). Disabling the CSC service (stopped and then set to “manual” without the CSC program running) did not prevent the blue screen, but uninstalling the program did.

The only security oriented software installed is the Comodo Security Suite (native Widows security programs are disabled on both machines). The host computer is off of a fresh one week installation by one who has wise computer habits.

The only other info I know that may be helpful is that the shared drive isn’t a true hard drive, but a Western Digital “MyBook”.

This is just a bug report/feedback I thought noteworthy to a company I have high regard for. Thanks for reading.

(edited to correct host OS type mistake)


I just installed the v3.0 and it shuts down every time I run it (no matter if it’s registry, privacy…), at about 60%.
I have W7 x64. Any clues?


Downloading now, and if it ticks all the right boxes (judging from this thread it will) then away with CCleaner and hello to another program of the Comodo family! :-TU

Do you use the latest version (build 53)?


Yes. I installed it yesterday.


So what do you think??

Had the same thing, I reinstalled all .net frameworks. Solved my problem

After the last Microsoft Upgrade CSC 3.0 didn’t operate correctly. It froze all the windows on the screen so I had to use task manager to close windows of all programs I was using.

No one has this problem, so the info on the machine is unimportant.

The last message I received is ask manufacturer for updaterDLL.dll

I looked all over the net and it seems every application has it’s own updater. Comodo messages come up that read updater missing from your system. It doesn’t exist out there, so could you direct me to a download place on Comodo’s site where I can download this.

I have uninstalled and re-installed a number of times, also went back to 2.1, same problem.

I really love this program and the active clean as well as all the other Comodo products I use.

Thank you.