CSC 3.0 build 37 buggy as my grandmother

Several things with 3.0 build 37 on an XP SP3 machine…first off, the registry cleaner never finishes “loading”. The ‘clean’ buttons on the registry cleaner page are always grayed out. Yet the status indicator on the main page shows my computer to be not clean. On the other cleaner tabs, privacy and disk cleaner, there does appear items to be cleaned and running the associated cleaning procedures apparently cleans them, but they come back. The entire interface is incredibly confusing and not intuitive at all. One of the most convoluted and user-unfriendly I have seen. I have used Comodo free apps for a long time and was very happy until this release of CSC. I will probably go back to 2.x, but wanted to put these issues out to the forum in the hopes the issues could be resolved. Thanks for any help or advice.

I am having the same problem. I clean the computer and it says " clean " and then it says " not clean " that I have obsolete files on my computer. As soon as I clean disk, it adds more items to clean. I love Comodo and I really liked version 2.0 even though I had to reboot the computer after each clean. I will get the older version for now. But the new interface is great on 3.0. ???

Yes, same here, but I am using windows 7 HE. My computer is “is not clean”, Disk cleaner grayed out, which seems silly since last clean-up is “not yet performed”.


The "loading .. " message that never finishes is actually a bug and it will be fixed in the next release.

About the new GUI being confusing … can you say why is that? We always want to make it better for you, but first we have to understand what is wrong.


 Disk cleaner may appear grey out if you don't have entries to clean to your default profile - "Quick Clean". You can set as default the "Full Clean" profile and make the clean using this profile.

“ditto” here with same XP. Also, my CSC v3 hangs after backing up 25% and shows over 26000 items. And, after cleaning Disk shows “-1” What does that mean? Had no problems with CSC 2.

To the moderator who asked what I think is wrong with the interface…thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinions and I will do so. But first I want to ask you a question regarding the never-completing ‘loading’ issue…How could you possibly let a release go out with a bug like that? Now, for my reponse to your question-it is too complicated-too busy. Everything is on the same interactive level. There is no differentiation between a setting and a function. Settings and configuration should be a level down from functions, but in your interface everything is right in front of you. If you go to clean something, you have the option to also change it. People may laugh at me, but what I would like is an interface with only one button-a ‘do-it’ button. A no-brainer button. I don’t mind drilling down to set configurations and such, then I want it buried so I don’t see it, don’t get distracted by it, don’t waste time trying to ignore it. I would like one button, one I can click and know that everything is taken care of in the background without further intervention or worry. I don’t want a file count or a registry key count in front of me. I can drill down and look at a log for that. You have “tricked” up the interface by putting all the new features and all the glitz in the user’s face, instead of giving him what is really needed. A simple, quick and safe system cleaner.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

I must say that i agree whit Reply 6 from paltroon1.

Normaliter a recomend friends CSC but this version is so …
Most of the people don’t now wat to do whit it.
It’s confusing them a system cleaner that cant clean all???
Even i don’t like it .
CSC 2 was maybe not so fast but a way simpler and better and do not let you sit down and asking your self what the heck is it clean or not.
i am sorry but you lost me at this one

Yes, CSC 3.0 seems to have some big bugs in it.

My Privacy cleaner, which I clean everyday using Ccleaner as well as CSC shows that 450 errors exist and CSC is not able to clean it (after cleaning with Ccleaner). When I delete it, the 450 figure returns with 10-20 reductions like 435 errors.

My Disk Cleaner, which used to show around 40 errors (on a daily basis!) today shows 2933 errors! Of course I didn’t try to run it to check whether it is actually deleted.

Thank God, Registry Cleaner hasn’t shown any such spurt or else a delete button may do the havoc.