CSC 3.0 - Active Clean explained


In CSC 3.0 we introduced "Active Clean". With this feature, we want to change the way you clean your computer, by letting the application do this job for you, without the user's intervention.

This being a new technology, I thought it is a good ideea to explain it: When you enable Active Clean, System-Cleaner will automatically delete the entries that are found in your default cleaning profiles. When an application creates temporary files, that files are automatically deleted when the application is closed. It basically keeps your computer clean all the time.

We are awaiting feedback and suggestions regarding this.


looks good and i am happy that it’s easier to use than csc v2. Great Job :slight_smile: In other words (V) :comodorocks: :ilovecomodo:


Comodo is the best!
Thanks Razvan for that. Awsome! I’ll encourage my frieds to install CSC :).

Sounds like a nice feature :-TU.

Being a new technology, I’ll test on my test tablet first. So basically, under this setup, there shouldn’t be any errors selected? (if all running applications are closed).


Which cleaning profiles are considered default by CSC? Is there a way to set activeclean to use my custom cleaning profiles?


  The default profiles that CSC comes with are : Normal Clean, for Registry Cleaner, Basic Clean for Privacy Cleaner and Quick Clean for Disk Cleaner. You can change the default profile at any time by going to the profile, clicking the little settings button and select "Make Default". This applies to the custom profile as well.

How often do it check and clean?

Cool, set it up with my custom profiles. suggestion for future release, when clicking ‘Make Default’ on a cleaning profile, a tick icon should appear next to it so i know its been activated (see pic)

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great feature!

Does the program need to be running for active clean to work?

No - Version 3 installs a service that runs in the background continuously.

Thanks :smiley:
That saved me from turning on run when windows starts.

CSC v3.0.167886.37 If Active Clean feature is turned off in the software, then I would expect to not see the service Cleaner_Validator.exe being ran in memory not actively taking up any system resources whenever it wants to.

Yes, 15mb for a service not being used… I dont want more rubbish in my computer, there are other softwares that do the same things also for free.


Agreed. The software should provide an on-demand installation option that suppresses loading of the Cleaner_Validator service, or at least provide settings as a means of suspending and/or permanently disabling the active clean feature. For many experienced users, the increased overhead and potential risk associated with such background processes is unacceptable and unwarranted. Moreover, a manual review of orphaned or corrupt entries is an essential part of the registry cleanup and maintenance process, for which the set-and-forget interface is not well suited. The lack of control and transparency in this incarnation of CSC is a deal killer.


The service that CSC installs is not used only for Active Clean, but also for providing instant scan. If the service is removed, CSC will not work.

Thanks Razvan Raschitor,

For your explanation of how Active Clean works. I was not totally sure, I had it turned off. I think I will leave it turned on now and let Comodo do my dirty work of cleaning.

Another great Comodo product. :slight_smile:


I agree…

Okay… but for older, slower machines with lower RAM (like my notebook) this makes quite a significant difference. I had to uninstall CSC from my notebook because of this background service. Everything else is superb.