FYI, CIS is going to get a new theme to.



Products will have similar theme depending on the category. For example right now we have Security products and Desktop Utility products for home users(among other many many other products:) ). So, CSC is in other category then CFP for example. Do not expect to have similar theme in the future.

Like CFP2? I hope so :). This is my view, but I think CFP2 stlye is more appealing to new users.


Don’t you think that they should all have the same theme? That way, you can tell it’s a Comodo product. For example, PCTools range of applications. Very colourfull and very appealing. Of course, the security model is more important but as a new user (casual user), I would probably go with PCTools.


+1, still like the old CPF 2.x most of all (blue colours and Windows native title bar), but I think a new Comodo-red CIS 4 can be a winner. :slight_smile:

As for CSC I can understand and agree with the philosophy of having something slightly different to the security products.

v2b look nice, and more pro :-TU

V1 gets my vote. :-TU
Looks very professional!


I belive we have a winner here, it looks like the V1 is going to win!

lol, the normal v2 doesn’t have a single vote 88)



Tomorrow I will add one more version. I have to see if I have to make another poll or just edit current one…

andrei, you can simply reset the votes

edit poll → select Reset Vote Count → save



Yeah… but the question is. Will people that already voted… vote again?

Yeah, that’s the question. But I guess it’s important to get opinions so maybe you can edit the title of you opening post and add something like [Please vote AGAIN!]

Any ETA for CSC 2?

I like the Check marks on the part where it should preform a scan instead of the radio buttons I think it would be less confusing with the Check marks there

This is my second vote. I’m still going for V1. I think checkmarks would be a little nicer, but I would be OK with V1 just as it is! Awesome!

Loving v3 ;D

Reminds me a little of the Advanced SystemCare GUI, which is no bad thing in my books :wink:

First time I voted for v1 but changed to v3… I like opening programs that have a futuristic look to them…

I changed my vote to v3. That looks very sharp, Andrei.

i still prefer v1 as i just dont like small app interfaces

everything is also looks easier to find