Here are proposals for CSC 2 new GUI. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Also please do vote for whatever you like.

V1 will remain as it had the most votes(45) and will compete with V3(the new one).

The votes are reset so, please help us again with this.

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Just a minor typo in V1_crc_4.jpg ;-), it’s errors, not erros (not that it matters as they’re just informal pics)

Looks nice :-TU


on first impression the v1 & v1b look a lot more clean & proffessional. They definatly get my vote!

I concur, the Ver.1 is a much more impressive look of the GUI!

v. 1! Very good work!

I thought v1 looks pretty damm good :slight_smile:

The V1 it is ok but i like the current one more

I voted for v1 according to a previous comment in the special Usability Study board:



V.1 Nice :-TU

v.1 splendid!

v1 gets my vote. :-TU

You guys are moving fast! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!


I voted v1 also.


THANK YOU for voting!!! I hope all the other users have time to check this topic and do the same. It’s very important for us.

Thank you too

It’s pretty clear which GUI the voters prefer! :-TU Any conflict with ideas among GUI developers? You like v2 better?

Version 1 is simply awesome. Also IMO it loocks much more professional, than other ones.


:slight_smile: Well… I cannot share my opinion.

Put me down as a member of the Version 1 club! Very nice, professional looking GUI! Great job guys! :smiley:

Yes, V1 looks very professional and slick :-TU

Personally, I would prefer CSC to have a common theme with all Comodo products (and that includes EasyVPN :smiley: ). Although these examples are nice, I prefer the original.


Edit: TBH, I’m still in love with the original theme in CFP2 :-[. Bright and colourfull yet a powerfull product. I can understand why the change with CFP3 (to be similar with Vista) but I prefer the old style.