CSC_2.0 XP crash

Hi guys,
Used comodo for years now and just tried the CSC.
The portable CSC ver 2.0 removed all my dial up connections and the standard broadband internet settings. I was about to reload Windows TCP settings from the Windows CD when I discovered the DVD couldn’t be accessed. Attempt to re-install the DVD generated missing files errors in the registry.
TCP GUI showed all correct; IP address gateway etc, but DOS showed zeros for IP address and no gateway. New connection wizard had no effect. System restore cured problem.

I then ran comodo 3.0 which generated Windows crash errors when running registry cleaner. This seemed to happen in the active X section. further tests show a crash every time I attempt to clear the invalid active X registry entries.

CRC Seems to work ok on my Vista machine, and my W7 games pc. Only on the XP pc used for internet access does this error occur.


Please go to Registry Cleaner -> Settings in CSC 3.0 and enable "store logs for registry clean". After you clean ( even if it crashes ), go to your CSC installation directory, then Logs and send us the CRC - info.log file.

It will help us find and solve this problem.