cs3 wont udate - error 113

Hi ya-all
I cant update via thee interface, Says Error 113, also the Diagnosks deal fails, and offers a log file… attached.


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Thx for the log. You are using v3.8. It is impossible to update from this version. You will have to start with a clean install and cannot copy your old configuration to the new version due to too many changes. Sorry to the bringer of the bad news here.

Thanks. For the life of me I cant find the last updated 3.9.
Its not my in my buyer login area, that is an old v3 version.
Any ideas were I download the last version of CIS ?

Thank you for your response.


The latest version of CIS is 4.0 and can be had from COMODO Internet Security 4.0.141842.828 Released.

The big new addition to v4 is sandboxing. That means that all unknown program as part of the default deny approach will get sandboxed. That means they will run with limited rights.

There are some changes to the default settings. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about the new v4.

I meant v3, the last update offered?

The last version of v3.14: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/comodo-internet-security-314130099587-released-t50813.0.html .

It is also to be had from www.filehippo.com . Filehippo usually has a long list of previous versions of the software it offers for download.

Thanks Eric again so much, i was looking for that update FOREVER…

Hi, for weeks now Comodo keeps trying to update but will not, I just keep getting error 113.
I’m a computer illiterate, should be in capitals so be kind.
reading the forum am I correct in saying that I need to download the latest version, and start all over again.
If my assumption is correct do I uninstall my present version and then download the new version, or does downloading the new version first automatically take care of the present installed version,
Any advice will be very much appreciated, but unfortunately it needs to be at a very slow walking pace.
Kind regards Robert

When using a version from before 3.12 or 3.13 you need to uninstall the old version, reboot and install the new version.