Crystal X

Any comments from Comodo?

What’s that ? :o
User will be able to send a file to VT or CAMAS from the program ?

Sounds good. :slight_smile:

Did anybody read the complete Wilders topic and could tell what their HIPS is about? How strong it is etc?

It is not released yet.

I haven’t understood that completely. Can you please tell me what does it mean for Comodo?

On what I understood so far, they will develop a new? program or a new tool inside the existing program where user will be able to send files directly to VT or CAMAS and also reuplaud them.

Youtube Preview

Ah, this should be a really good tool for me ;D
thanks wasgij6 for sharing.

I asked kardokristal about valkyrie he said


Thank you for your interest.

Yes, it is possible, i found some critical bugs in uploading process to VirusTotal, that´s why I clicked Last Report in video.
These bugs will be fixed and in total you can upload files real-time to:

  1. VirusTotal
  2. Comodo Valkyrie -
  3. CAMAS -

Plus: Query all basic information about file:

  1. Age
  2. Extension
  3. Size

And finally file check against online databases:

  1. Malc0de
  2. NictaTech
  3. Clean MX
  4. VX Vault

P.S: I will create new preview video as soon as virustotal upload bug is fixed.
Also Comodo Valkyrie server is working well now.

Looks great !

Video 2 : - YouTube
CIMA = valkyrie.
That definitely looks great.

Hello everyone,

I am author of this tool called now officially: Crystal X.

I just created new thread about this tool in other forum. Here is complete information about Crystal X:
Also is uploaded third preview video and attached 2 screenshots of program (user interface).

Crystal X is powerful application to help user
to identify any file safety status on computer. Crystal X can upload and scan files
successfully via popular sources like: VirusTotal, CIMA [Valkyrie] and CAMAS.

Here is the list of main features:

  • VirusTotal
    ¤ Uploading supported
    ¤ Re-analysing supported
    ¤ Simple results for novice users
    ¤ Advanced results for advanced users

    ¤ Uploading supported
    ¤ Simple results for novice users
    ¤ Advanced results for advanced users

  • Valkyrie
    ¤ Uploading supported
    ¤ Re-analysing supported
    ¤ Simple results for novice users
    ¤ Advanced results for advanced users

  • Built-in heuristic analysis

  • Cloud databases [Online]
    ¤ Nictatech
    ¤ Malc0de
    ¤ VX Vault
    ¤ Clean MX

  • Free for everyone

  • Clean and unified user interface

Latest preview video (17.12.2012) of Crystal X

HD quality is available.

If Comodo is against that there services is included in Crystal X then please immediately let me know but i´d like to add that my tool is free for everyone and it just help users to use VirusTotal and Comodo public services directly from desktop. Program is designed to avoid service overloading.

Program status: currently in Private BETA.
First public BETA of Crystal X is soon available.


Made the link to youtube clickable. Eric

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I really like the idea behind this project and can’t wait to test it out.

The only addition I can currently think to request would be that you also add some sort of method to check whether the files are known to be safe. For example, in my article about How to Tell if a File is Malicious I first ask users to check to see if the file is in Comodo’s whitelist. That way, if it is the user does not have to consider any other steps or services. They know that if it was whitelisted by Comodo it must be safe.

I think adding something like that would be very good,


Thank you for your suggestion!

Comodo File Intelligence is very good public service and if possible i´ll try to add it to Crystal X.


Hi kardokristal,

Is CIMA actually valkyrie ?
You should rename it.
Anyway, thanks for this program which is going to be very amazing.

In fact Valkyrie = Comodo FVS (file verdict service) in your program it should be “FVS” or “Valkyrie”.


You are welcome :wink:

I´ll rename CIMA to Valkyrie.


Hello Kkristal! Good to see you here. All the info sounds great! But I have some Q for you. Why is it free and why you created such product on the first place? What do you get from this?


Thank you for your interest and questions.

The first question: why is it free is actually good one, but one of the reason is because the
version of C# Visual Studio I am using. There is some policies for some version of C# Visual Studio.

With one sentence this mean that selling is illegal because I don´t let´s say the Pro version of Visual Studio.
I am using freely available C# Visual Studio version.

Maybe I´ll plan to add some kind of donation option into website…

Now I´ll try to answer to your final question:

With such product development I learn a lot new things of security field and general development.
Also, I hope that this development help me to get some good and exciting official job (e.g in security field).

For me is computer security exciting :slight_smile: At the moment you can say that I am like hobby-programmer.

Finally, I hope you understand me, because my English is not excellent.


I see. Thank you for your answers. I hope you will get everything you wish for… Can’t wait to use public BETA :slight_smile: Your English is very good I understood all. I’m still learning English myself to this day LOL! :slight_smile: