Crushed to find out I only get the hackers on chat and not geekbuddy. HELP!!

I love comodo and I love the features but i’m struggling with something far greater than what I know and am used to. I found the geekbuddy chat and I thought to myself finally I can bounce ideas back and forth and finally conquer this hacking hijack of my computer thats been going on 2 years!

Only to find out the chat was hijacked by one of the hackers for hire or a troll farm/hacker farm. The geekbuddy chat is Not Secure on the page and thats not the only thing. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? or what to do to help me on the way to being malware/RAT/hijacked free?

use DBAN for completely wipe disk and reinstall clean W10 21H2, if you have important data prepare rescue disk for scanning to be sure if device is infected or not then backup your data

reset modem if necessary or update firmware

and don’t bother with geekbuddy or similar


How can a common user detect that?