.crt to .pem converter


I was wondering how to convert a ssl .crt file to .pem



Please check out the knowledgebase at: https://support.comodo.com/
search for the word ‘pem’.

You should find the answer there.


Hello. A colleague of mine who is responsible for certificates has created certificates from Comodo (we have a contract with you) which I am planning to use with a radius server. He gave me 3 files with the extension .crt. One of the files is my server’s [FQDN].crt ,
the other has the name COMODOHigh-AssuranceSecureServerCA.crt ,
and the third the name AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt .
My radius configuration files by default show that they need a file with the extension .pem for the server abd a file with the extension .pem for the CA. I am confused. How do I provide these from the 3 .crt files you gave us?


Pay no attention to the PEM extension, it shouldn’t matter. All of our certificates are in PEM format already.