Creating Comodo Rescue Disk

Hi All

Could someone recommend a tool or method for getting Comodo Rescue Disk onto a USB flash drive?


Never done it myself, but this shows how, once you’ve downloaded the iso file

If you have CIS/CFW/CAV installed you can run the create rescue disk task from the advanced tasks section. It gives you the option to select the target drive to create the bootable image.

Thanks for the link Ploget. I’ll have a read through and give it a try.


Update: Unfortunately, using Rufus displays “vesamenu.c32: not a COM32 image” when booting.

Thanks for the suggestion futuretech. I tried this method from my Brother’s computer, but received the message “Missing operating system” on bootup. I would have expected it to work from a Comodo product but remember having this issue before with v2 on an older build of CIS.