Creating a Global Firewall Set

How can i make a global COMODO Firewall rule that works like this:

If application X is running/connected block all network access to JUST that application (no other application can run/connect)

Explanation: I want this rule to just be activated/deactivated whenever i need it, as in when im in a Videogame i dont want my Antivirus to be running/updating, but i dont want my Antivirus marked as an application that cannot connect to the network as when i log off my game the Antivirus should be able to connect normally, Game Mode doesnt help, i see several application connected and i have to terminate them one by one when on Game Mode.

Not really possible with any firewall that I know of. You could come close by creating a normal use configuration and gaming/single application configuration, but you’d have to manually switch between the two profiles, and probably have to restart the session.

Although it would probably be simpler just to use a batch script or gamebooster to turn off stuff you don’t want running while playing a game.