Create Virtual Drive Problem - Info

12 Oct 2009
Downloaded latest version ‘COMODO Disk Encryption’ (CDE) version 1.2.65021.129
Running on Windows XP SP3.
Have been using PGP Desktop - but it’s a mammoth solution to a simple issue (Comments Welcome) - thought I’d try CDE.

Installed clean and I initially tested by attempting to create a Virtual Drive on a local NTFS partition.
Dutifully, I browsed the Help File which confidently says “Enter the size of the disk (in MB) (Minimum 5 MB)”

But, No way - the ‘Next’ button wouldn’t enable - Anyway, the short story is - Hit the spin control and at 50MB the ‘Next’ button activates.

The Longer story is:
Next(Encrypting Settings) -Do the password, Hash & Encryption Algorithms and you will be allowed to ‘Next’.The password needs to be 4 characters or more (sensible, but very minimal password strength validation)

Next(Store Location) - choose a drive type (this example = File Drive)

Next(Save Location) - obvious - just choose

Next(Drive Letter) - just select a drive letter from those available in the drop-down

Next(Finish) and CDE will mount your virtual drive as 'Local Disk(what ever drive letter:). Check it out in Windows Explorer.

But, that’s not going to get you a usable Virtual Disk; what you get is an Unformatted space- none of this mentioned in the help file topic.

In Windows Explorer, click on the drive letter you assigned, and Windows should ‘irritably complain’ - “This Disk is not Formatted!” - and seemingly grudgingly, offer you the option to format it for you. So go ahead and format it, give a volume name and then it’s usable.

I guess you know that if you want to use it or delete it, you’ve got to mount it or unmount it.

Hope this helps