"Create New Scan" - aimed at external drive but scans C: drive

I set up a scan profile to scan an external backup drive H:

  1. Create New Scan
  2. Add (button)
  3. Dragged over H: drive
  4. Clicked Apply
  5. Added Name of profile

Then, clicked to trigger the new scan.

However, the new scan profile started scanning C: not H:

Tried it a few times, created/deleted scan profiles, all same result, couldn’t create a scan profile to scan H:

HTH :slight_smile:

I think it is only appearing to scan your C drive… the H drive scan will follow. I believe with the option “Scan memory on start” set, CIS is scanning all files that are currently loaded into memory and thus appears to scan C when asked to scan something else. Disable this option to check this… or wait for the C scanning to complete.

Thanks :slight_smile: