CRD v2.0.275239.1 detect Browserchoice.exe Trojan DNS CHANGER

I used COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) v2.0.275239.1 on my pc and this detect browserchoice.exe Trojan DNS CHANGER.Under Windows Comodo Cleaning Essential from Comodo Internet Security 7 beta detect nothing. Browserchoice.exe are valid signature from Microsoft.On Intel Pentium I3 , 6GB RAM, ahci mode,UEFI BIOS scan with CRD long time (3 hours) on Windows 8.1 X64 and update database long time (30 minutes) , on Intel 630 , 1GB RAM, Windows 8.1 x32 CRD scan 30 minutes(update database 1-2 minutes).Please fix this.

Report it as a false positive.