CRD requires working network connection???

I struggled to get this to work, having hung at boot at a “discover” point (keyboard LEDs flash, HDD LED lit) before realizing it was hung on eth0, and as it turns-out my eth0 is dead, the motherboard NIC–I have a PCI NIC installed instead.

OK I went into BIOS and disabled the onboard LAN, and CRD booted. I then found & loaded my bases.cav from CIS, and it seems to work but is brutally slow such that I haven’t done a scan yet.

But in doing this I discovered that even if all I did was unplug the Ethernet cable from the PC, CRD fails to boot, so it seems that a working Ethernet connection is essential for operation, even if you’ve prepared (as I have) for the bases.cav requirement by pre-loading the file onto your USB stick.

So why is the Ethernet connection so essential to the program operation? Apart from the possibility a PC’s would be broken, it seems at least that you’d always disconnect a PC from your network if you suspected it of having malicious software on it.

P.S. as already commented by others, the GUI is a brutally difficult eye test for me on my 2560x1600 display. It should be at least 1024x768 in this day & age, and please use a readable font…