CRD does't run in W 8.1, but runs in W 7

Good morning to everybody.
I’m new on this forum and my english is poor. I’m sorry.
My problem is: CRD is stuck during his loading in my chlidren’s notebook with W 8.1 installed. On my desktop with W 7 works good.
I’ve already disabled Secure boot in both notebook.
Their features:

  1. Asus K55VD, W 8.1 64 bit, bios AMI ver. 2.15.1226
  2. Acer E1-570G W 8.1 64 bit, bios Insyde H2O rev. 3.7
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Best regards.

It’s likely you need to disable UEFI too, on top of Secure boot. CRD is based on a very old Linux Kernel, and it won’t like modern tech one bit.

When you see your boot options, you possible have some choices like:
UEFI - Corsair 32gb
Corsair 32gb

You would need to pick the second one (the one that does not mention UEFI).

If you don’t see any choices, there may be another setting in your BIOS that allows compatibility boot. Depending on your Laptop, it could be at the same place as Secure Boot or elsewhere in a submenu usually called BOOT. There should be an option, again, labelled differently from computer to computer, but on mine it gives me choice between “Microsoft Windows” and “Other non Microsoft OS”. You need to select “Other non Microsoft OS” in that case.

The names may vary, but it should be there, somewhere in the boot or security menu.

Once you have chosen the appropriate setting, exit the BIOS while saving, reboot, return to the BIOS and if, under BOOT, you have the option to bypass regular boot by selecting a USB drive or DVD drive, there select the regular, non EFI USB. It’s usually named as the brand of your USB drive and size.

if not, re-exit by saving, pick the boot menu options and go from there to the non-efi USB drive.