CRD can be made from CIS6?

I downloaded the CRD 2.0.261647.1 and it appears to work fine EXCEPT it wants to download a 115MB file to be able to check for latest viruses etc. This is unworkable for me as I have both slow Internet and limited bandwidth (can’t afford to download that monster file).

A post here says you can create a CRD using CIS6, which I assume means that if you have the up-to-date CIS6 installed then the created CRD will also have the latest cav file.

Is this correct? I’ve been holding-off updating CIS from 5.x but if CIS6 does this it could inspire me.

CIS 6 does have CRD but it would have to download it as well.

I guess you are saying the very same .iso is included with CIS6 and that it doesn’t actually Create a Fresh ISO with the latest cav that CIS6 knows about?

Out here in the country it can take a loooong time to download a >100Mb file… :frowning:

So you guys mean it doesn’t includes the latest AV databases?

I thought it will include the databases present in CIS, shouldn’t it be this way?

It seems clear that the CRD that is output from CIS6, and the CRD you get by downloading, both contain no AV info, thus it has to be downloaded and updated “from scratch” every time the disk is used.

No this is not the way it should have been designed.

you can import the signatures from you CIS 6 so that it has the updated signatures, without downloading a 115 MB update. if you don’t it will download the large file.

Ok now we’re back to Square One with this question: Can you or can-you-Not make a CRD using CIS6 that includes the latest signatures that (obviously) CIS6 already has and is being constantly updated with? So that when you boot a PC with CRD you don’t have to DL 115MB again, i.e. you only need perhaps the most recent of the smaller updates?

The question is very simple: when you have a problem PC that you want to boot with CRD and check, can you make a CD with your CIS6-with-latest-sigs and thereby using the very latest cav file inside CRD so you don’t have to download that big file again?

Do you mean after creating USB, open the USB & open CRD interface & import the databases?

I assume it can. It has CCE which in it’s options allows you to import the virus database.

But dont you think if the integrated CCE uses CIS databases then CRD USB creator should also integrate present CIS databases on the system?

It should intergrate. But I do think it does give you the option to import the virus database when you are running it.