CRD and booting with a UEFI BIOS

Hello everyone, I new to this forum but have been using Comodo for many years. I have tried to boot on multiple UEFI machines without success.

The ability to switch from UEFI to Legacy is not an option. Windows 10 is installed under UEFI and that is what the CRD needs to see. Secure boot is disabled on both machines.

Does CRD support UEFI? If not is there any CRD alpha/beta that does?

I would only need the ability to scan with the highest settings and nothing else so it doesn’t have to be fully polished, just “usable”.
Thank you in advanced for any ideas or any info. :slight_smile:

CRD has not been updated in long time and I think development on newer versions is temporary on hold. But you can try burning CRD to a CD/DVD and see if you can boot into it.

This is sad news because CRD is such a useful tool.

In order to have the same capabilities one can install Arch Linux onto an USB flash drive:

Then copy Comodo Antivirus for Linux on to it:

Comodo Antivirus for Linux does not have an installer for Arch Linux. Therefore:

  1. Simply un-compress the *.deb

  2. Copy this folder to the USB flash in the same location: /opt/COMODO

  3. Create this file: /etc/launch_comodo.bash



  1. Change user:group by something like: “chown root:root /etc/launch_comodo.bash”

  2. Set: “chmod 0770 /etc/launch_comodo.bash”

  3. Install something like: “pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies”

  4. start the GUI: “startx”

  5. Set script to load after logging in, under: settings->session and startup->autostart add: /etc/launch_comodo.bash

  6. Launch the script from a terminal: “/etc/launch_comodo.bash &” Note: cav and cmdagent has to be run as root, hence owner and group of root.

  7. Configure “CAV” client and update virus definitions.

  8. Mount and scan the needed drive.

This is not an exact guide but may help others. :slight_smile:


A slight correction:

I. /etc/launch_comodo.bash


sudo /opt/COMODO/cmdagent
sudo /opt/COMODO/cav

II. create group “antivirus”:

$ groupadd antivirus

III. Add the user running “launch_comodo.bash” to the new group.

IV. Change permissions:

$ chmod 0775 /etc/launch_comodo.bash
$ chown root:antivirus /etc/launch_comodo.bash

V. “visudo” and add:

%antivirus ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

VI. Remember to set the script to auto-run when logging in to the GUI if wanted.


FYI: you may have to update the driver modules in /opt/COMODO/driver.tar
if you want real-time scanning. Only the scanner is really needed though.

Please see: