CRC stopped Windows loading

I’d installed Comodo Firewall today and am quite impressed so far, so I decided to try out CRC as well. It cleaned the registry OK but compact told me there was over 22,000% wasted space, and that the registry would be compacted from 17mb to 189mb. Huh? Obviously something amiss there, but as I had made a Ghost backup earlier today, I told it to go ahead. After it finished, Windows (XP Pro SP2) wouldn’t load, and I had to power down. On powering up again, I got the usual “Windows needs to check one of your drives” which said the software hive was corrupt. There it got stuck, and Windows didn’t want to load at all after that, I just got a blank screen.

I didn’t exactly fill me with confidence for the product, to say this is a release version. Let’s hope my first impressions of the firewall aren’t misplaced.

Hi & welcome to the forum.

Sorry you’re having troubles, you might have come across the same thing as reported here. Obviously some users encounter this problem with CRC. Read further after the post for more info, and please join the thread if you wish.

I hope you’ll stay with Comodo Firewall at least. :wink:


Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the bugs forum for this release or I would have spotted that sooner and posted in there, along with more info. Unfortunately I just wrote over the C: partition with my most recent Ghost backup.