CRC causes network adapter settings to be gone.....

Either this is a major bug or it is some thing CRC is picking up and should not be. I have never selected unsafe entries to be removed. When those are found. I just leave them alone. I just recently came across this issue. Now when CRC scans. I clean up the registry and let it do its thing. Problem is though. It takes my adapter options with it. Here are the pics of before and after.



If I restore the registry with CRC. My adapter options show up again fine. Now this really concerns me. Because not very often do I go look at my network adapter. I just decided to today for no reason. No telling what CRC might have done to other things with in my pc as a whole. Although I hope nothing since I have not run into any issues. Any help would be appreciated.

I went ahead and looked in the back up log. I found these entries related to my network adapter.

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\DMIX\Resource\DMIXRes”

“SupportDir” = “C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\{2222B364-0854-4265-B32E-A142DB9DC7BB}”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\DMIX\Resource\BtAgtRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\DMIX\Resource\DiagRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\DMIX\Resource\TeamRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\DMIX\Resource\VlanRes”

“InstalledDir” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\Agent\NcsCoLib.dll”

“InstalledDir” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\Agent\Rule”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\CommonRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\CommonRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\CommonRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\CommonRes”

“ResDllName” = “C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\CommonRes”

Now when I done a restore with CRC. I went ahead and scanned again for it could pick up the same stuff. Only this time. I unticked the items above relating to my network adapter and it held the options fine.

Hi Korn

Until this is changed on a CRC update, you can right click these entries one by one and put them in the ignore list. They will not be picked up then on your next scan. I have done this with several things that CRC picks up that I should not delete.



I will go ahead and make that adjustment. Is this a bug with CRC? If it is. Maybe I can forward this to the bug thread. If it is not. I will just leave it as is with this thread. Another note. I cannot add them all to the ignore list. With 1 of them. It says it has already been added to the list. It treats it like a duplicate even though it is not.