Crashes every time I try to create 2-Way or 1-Way Sync

I am trying to create some 2-way sync backups from my HD to a NAS drive but Comodo crashes every time I try. I can back up to the CBU files and to a straight ‘file copy’ but I can’t do a sync copy w/o it crashing. I have a large photography collection that I frequently work on, and I really need the sync capabilities to keep all the material up to date. Help!

I have the same problem. Using version with Windows 10

I have the same problem also. I have tried different source locations, different target locations. It crashes after “collecting information” from the target.

Windows 10.

Hello. Comodo backup is not currently fully compatible with Windows 10. Please see the release notes for version here:;msg779162#msg779162.

Same thing happens to me. Has anyone tried prior versions? Im on windows 7 btw, so its not a win 10 issue with me.