Hi moders! Thank you for your job! All of you in Comodo is still the best! But, there is a problem, i just install new version CD 42… and i have a big problem: when i go to the options menu in my CD the win7 open window and say that my CD is crashed, if i close this win7 window, or not, my CD is still working, but when i close my CD win7 open window and say that my CD is crashed again, no matter close i this win7 window or not my CD is still working and after ~3 sec close. The same crash report opens when i’m trying to erase history CD, maybee in other things. So, please tell me what is going on? Is it only my problem, but i use CD 3 years or more and never had this problem until this update. Sorry if my English is bad.

I decided this problem! New version of my CD starts with integrated Shokwave Flash player 11… i delete it from my hard and CD automatically starts loading my Flash player newer version and i think now working properly.