crash when switching user accounts on Vista

Here’s a similar-sounding report concerning XP, with no follow-up by anyone.

My case: on a Vista machine that I’ve had for about 2 weeks, CFP has crashed on me 3 times when I’ve been switching between user accounts. Which is to say, it doesn’t happen always, but it happens often enough to be a concern.

The attached screen grab of the error message (translating roughly from Japanese) says:

“The 0x76fabb6 command referenced/accessed memory of 0x00000fb4. Memory could not be written to. Please click OK to terminate the program.”

In this particular case, I was switching between a standard (limited) account to an admin account. The other two times it happened, I can’t remember what accounts I was switching between.

System info:

  1. Core 2 Duo E6750 (32 bit)
  2. Vista Ultimate - Japanese
  3. In addition to CFP, I’m also running NOD32 v.3.
  4. Symptoms: see above. I can’t reproduce it reliably.
  5. n/a
  6. Defense+ and Firewall+ modes: Safe Mode and Clean PC mode.
  7. n/a
  8. See above. Normally, I run in a standard (limited) account. UAC is enabled.

Other than these 3 crashes, CFP has been working great for me on Vista.

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How long have you been using CPF3?
I believe that CPF3 is effective while with Admin rights, Could you try using CPF3 for a couple of days as an Admin so that you can allow\deny the programs you wish, as I don’t think they are saved in Limited users. Then try going about your business as usual on a limited user account.

Can someone please Correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh!! And I saw that your using Nod32 V3.*
Nod32 sends all internet traffic through ekrn.exe so it acts as a tunnel… I suggest that you switch to v2.7(It is just as effective)

Refer to this thread.;msg120075

Update: just had another CFP crash, this time when logging out of the admin account and switching back into a limited account. Same exact error message as the one I posted above. Forgot to mention that I’m running CFP3 in Basic firewall mode with anti-leak protection (not the full-fledged Defense+).

Hi Kyle. Been using CFP for about 2 weeks on this computer, and on an XP machine since… whenever it was that CFP3 was first released. I’ll try running as admin if I do have any problems with CFP not remembering my programs, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any need. Thanks for the pointer on NOD32!

That’s alright, As I said I’m not 100% sure but you can always try this. Post back here once you’ve given it a run in Admin rights for a little while.

Happened again, this time when switching from one standard (limited) account to another. (Still logged into both accounts.) The error message is the same as what I posted above, except that the first memory address is 0x7712abb6.

The odd thing is that just prior to getting this error, I had switched between those same two accounts 3 or 4 times without incident.

Still seeing this error sporadically (now with CFP Is it just me?